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Monaco ePrix - 13 May 2017

Experience the electrifying Formula e Championship from an exclusive perspective with BAM Motorsport

Join the electrifying EMOTION Club

The MonacoePrix takes place every two years in the legendary F1 Monte Carlo circuit

Unrivalled Paddock and Pit Lane access, enjoy an unique Formula E experience with the best views. 

From 2016 BAM Motorstport is proud to be a distributor for the Formula e EMOTION Club

Round 5 - Monaco ePrix

13 May 2017

Formula E returns to the streets of Monaco

The FIA Formula E Championship arrives in Monaco on May 13 for the second running of the Monaco ePrix on the streets of the Principality. Experience the thrill of the electric street racing series as the stars of Formula E go wheel-to-wheel to earn the right as the master of Monaco.

The glamour of the Formula E Monaco ePrix will be a highlight of the season as drivers take on the world famous street circuit. Enter the inner most sanctum of motorsport and let the EMOTION Club indulge your senses at the circuit of the Principality.

Prices from - €1600 (+20% VAT)

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